Breaking the Cycle

United Way works to Break the Cycle of Generational Poverty through educational programs that give children the skills to succeed and help adults achieve long-term financial stability so they can support themselves and their families.



(Ages 0-12)

Estimates suggest that more than a third of kindergarten students enter school unprepared. First graders who read below grade level rarely catch up by the fourth grade. Fourth graders who still struggle to read are four times more likely NOT to graduate from high school. With targeted, holistic intervention in and out of school, children can overcome barriers and catch up to their peers. United Way provides support for children through programs that activate parent involvement, help more children attend enriched out-of-school programs, combat summer learning loss, engage volunteer reading tutors and more.



  • IMPROVE 3RD GRADE READING SCORES: 423 out of 883 students are proficient today (48%)*

  • INCREASE THE NUMBER OF 3 & 4-YEAR-OLDS IN PRESCHOOL: 982 out of 2,400 children are enrolled today (40%)*


(Ages 13-18)

The teen years are notoriously challenging, but youth in poverty have unique needs to successfully navigate high school and achieve the skills they need to be financially secure adults. Communities with higher drop out rates experience more crime and poverty, and decreased social and economic stability. United Way works to help young people graduate ready to pursue college or career training that enables family-sustaining employment. Programs and services that create supportive learning environments, connect students and help young people successfully complete high school on time.



  • IMPROVE 8TH GRADE MATH PROFICIENCY SCORES: 300 out of 897 students are proficient today (33%)*

  • IMPROVE ON-TIME HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION RATES: 877 out of 1,081 graduate on time today (81%)*


(Ages 18+)

Forty-six percent of families with children struggle. They are hard-working people, making tough decisions every day about what's critical when it comes to spending their money — and their time with family. United Way helps adults develop and build the financial and employability skills they need to make informed decisions to achieve long-term financial stability. From budgeting to employment skills, to programs that help them save to buy a home, send a child to college or start a business, United Way supports individuals and families.



  • REDUCE THE NUMBER OF HOUSEHOLDS WITH CHILDREN LIVING IN POVERTY: 2,335 out of 10,148 households with children live in poverty today (23%)*

  • REDUCE THE NUMBER OF ALICE HOUSEHOLDS: 2,325 out of 10,148 households with children do not earn enough to meet basic needs (23%)*


*2017 Kids Count Data & ALICE Reports