Board Application

Thank you for considering the opportunity to serve our community as a member of the Board of Trustees of United Way.

With the exception of filling a vacancy, new trustees are elected to a three-year term during the Annual Meeting, which is traditionally held in April. Board meetings are held monthly. Per the Bylaws, individual Trustees may serve up to nine (9) consecutive years.

Board Member Expectations:

  • Attend all Board meetings (unless excused)

  • Chair/Co-Chair a committee, an event, a project or a workplace campaign

  • Be a Leadership level donor ($500 or more)

  • Help the President & CEO/staff recruit or retain at least one Signature Partner per year

  • Help the President & CEO/staff secure a minimum of five (5) Leadership level donors ($500 or more)

  • Sponsor at least one classroom for Stuff the Bus ($75, which can count toward the $500 annual giving expectation)

If you feel you can meet the above expectations, and possess a strong desire to promote and advance United Way's mission throughout the community as part of your service, please provide your contact information and additional detail for the Nominations Committee to consider. Thank you!


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