Island Park: Timbertown 2.0

Volunteer Interest Form

I would like to volunteer to help bring the Island Park's Timbertown 2.0 to life (May 17-21, 2017.) Please keep me informed about the project and service opportunities!

(Information provided will be used specifically for the Timbertown 2.0 project. Personal information will not be sold or shared.)


Children's activities will be available during the morning and afternoon shifts on Saturday and Sunday for children ages 5-12 (Limit 50 children per shift). If you are volunteering on Saturday and.or Sunday and plan to have your children participate in the "Lumberjack and Lumberjill" activities, please specify their names and ages below, along with the day(s)/shift(s) you'll be volunteering.

If these apply, please tell us more of what you have in mind in the comments section below. Thanks!