Dance United

CMU's 5th annual Dance United was held in McGuirk Arena on Thursday, November 10, 2016 at the CMU Events Center.

This University-driven dance event sparks a friendly fundraising competition among CMU students, faculty, staff and members of the community as part of the University's annual United Way campaign. Dance United has raised more than $75,000 since 2012.

Please note that donations to United Way for Dance United are 100% tax deductible and do not include tickets to the event.


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2016 Dancers 

Jazmin Biernat & Ian Elliott, coached by Hope Davidson

Kari Creguer & Brock Creguer, coached by Bird Clarkson

Jena Eisenberger & Seth Blackey, coached by Andrea Purenhage

Shelby Harris & Michael Greco, coached by Anna Wager

Risa Hunt-Scully & Doug Hunt, coached by Nicki Schlicht

Morgan Maggini & Alyssa Odor, coached by Vazhane Sawyers & Miranda Richards

Jamie Mitchell & Dean Mitchell, coached by Emily Chapdelaine

Anna Prielipp & Michael Betka, coached by Jacqueline Harrison

Kirsten Simmons & Brian Brunner, coached by Sam Messina

Krystal Swindlehurst & Jesse Swindlehurst, coached by Emily Towner & Devan Alsheskie

Kirsten Weber & Dan Weber, coached by Amy Bunting

Vivian Wickes & Wes Wickes, coached by Jillian DuHadway

Cait Willson & Joe Walters, coached by LeAnna Veasey